1. Unroll the tote by releasing the Velcro strap. Lay the tote out on the ground with the Velcro straps open and facing up, creating a square shape with the shoulder straps.

For a snowboard, Add the snowboard extension strap to extend the Velcro straps.

2. Lay the skis onto and perpendicular to the Velcro straps with the toe piece of the ski binding just above the Velcro strap that is attached to the shorter of the two shoulder straps, and the heel piece of the ski binding just above the other Velcro strap.

3. Squeezing the skis together, tightly wrap the two Velcro straps around and just below the ski binding's toe and heel piece so that when lifted off the ground the Velcro straps support the weight of the skis.

4. Grasp the skis with one hand just above the toe piece of the ski binding. While lifting the skies with one hand; put your other arm through one of the shoulder straps as you would in putting on a backpack

5. Now put your other arm through the remaining shoulder strap and adjust the tightness of the shoulder straps by pulling down and out on the end loops with your thumbs to tighten and hold the skis securely to your back!

6. When you are finished using the tote, simply roll it up, close the Velcro strap and stash it in your pocket!